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Mr. Hampton Pied

over 2 years ago

By Rebecca Wortham

Ready or not, here it comes! Whipped cream pies were splattered on the face of Houston Upper Elementary principal, Mr. Trevor Hampton on January 9, 2017.  The students were rewarded for having the most growth on the NWEA MAP Universal Sceeners. 

HUES 2016-17 Teacher of Year

over 2 years ago

By Rebecca Wortham

Congratulations to Ms. Linda Heair

It definitely is encouraging to receive honors and recognition in life, but it is the lifetime effect on a student that you are a part of that reaps the greatest reward especially when that student comes back to let you know."

by Linda Heair

HUES Teacher of the Year & Houston School District Teacher of the Year

Ms. Heair teaches fifth grade science and history at HUES and has 40 years teaching experience.  She was honored at the 2017 Mississippi Administrator and Teacher of the Year Awards Program held April 7, 2017 at the Jackson Convention Complex.



Book Fair Winners

about 1 year ago

By Rebecca Wortham

Third  Grade                                                       
1st - Kylee Alford
2nd - John Allen Bevels
3rd - Malia Kyle

Honorable Mention:
Myasiah Evans
Vanity Gathings
Joey Criddle
Baiden Baker

1st - Kendall Burt

Fourth Grade

1st - Kaley Myatt
2nd - Riley  Beth Lundy
3rd - Dixie Ellison

Honorable Mention:
Jayden Knox
Emma Benson
Emma Grace
Kilgore Caitlyn
Neal Alden Edwards

1st - Ella Martin
2nd - Curry Chapman
3rd - Cyrus Broadus

Fifth Grade

1st - Langley Smith
2nd - Carmen Owen
3rd - Vivian Criddle

Honorable Mention:
Ceana Knox
Millie Herringa
Aunna Hamilton
Cameron Kilgore
Damien Parks
Addison Crowley
Shaniya Robinson
Emma Gayle Smith

1st - Omarion Hammond
2nd - Dollina Cruse
3rd - Cason Moss